The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area is a nongovernmental, non-commercial organization representing the entrepreneurs’ interests in all business spheres – industry, trade, agriculture, financial system, services.

Our goals and objectives:

  • to contribute to the development and modernization of the Yamal region, to help in wide application of innovations and attracting investments;
  • to represent and protect interests of small-scale and middle business in public and local authorities;
  • to build up an efficient appraisal plan in expert evaluating projects of legislative and standard acts for the sake of businessmen;
  • to promote goods and services of the Yamal enterprises in home and foreign markets;
  • to assist in effective and qualitative resolution of civil disputes, to develop forms of arbitration;
  • to extend principles of civilized business and social responsibility in business environment;
  • to form positive image of the Yamal producers;
  • to help in the development of the educational system and training personnel for entrepreneurial business, to participate in the realization of educational programmes in this sphere;
  • to organize mutually beneficial cooperation of the representatives of small-scale, middle and large-scale business.


Our functions and services:


  • to develop business;
  • to help in interaction with public authorities;
  • to assist in investments;
  • to expand business connections with foreign partners;
  • exhibitions, trade fairs;
  • analytics and researches;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • to conduct business;
  • appraisal, certification, evaluation;
  • education, training;
  • translations;
  • organizational activity (business missions, forums, seminars);
  • legal services;
  • to protect business;
  • adjustment of economic disputes;
  • to protect intellectual property;
  • to struggle with illegal takeovers;
  • safe partners register;
  • to struggle with counterfeits;
  • to struggle with unfair competition;
  • consulting services.