Chapter II.  Subject, objects, goals and functions of the Chamber.

13. The Chamber is created for assistance in development of business structures of all levels, in making       industrial, financial, trade and scientific policy contributing to it, in adjustment of relations between entrepreneurs and their social partners, in generation of favorable conditions for business activities and for this purpose in organization of interaction between business entities and state represented by governmental authorities, in every possible development of all types of trade, economic, scientific and technical relations of Yamal entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs of Russian Federation and foreign countries as well as in coordination and representation of interests of all members of the Chamber, entrepreneurs and their unions regardless of patterns of ownership, subordination and location in the territory of Russian Federation.

14. The Chamber unites organizations and private entrepreneurs – the members of the Chamber.

15. The CCI of YANAO:

       15.1. Assists organizations and entrepreneurs in their activities. Represents and protects their rights and interests in the matters related to business activities including abroad. Elaborates measures for development all types of entrepreneurship including small business.

     15.2. Organizes interaction between business entities, their interaction with state represented by governmental authorities, with local authorities as well as with social partners, participates in corporate agreement-based regulation of social and labor relations and in work of social partnership authorities.

     15.3. Assists in investments attraction to the economy of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.

     15.4. Organizes work in the sphere of management of investment, commercial and other business risks, on business safety provision, protection of investments and evaluation of business reputation of business entities.

        15.5. Conducts studies and analysis of business activities, application of statutory acts valid in the         sphere and makes proposals on improvement of the acts.

        15.6. Helps organizations and entrepreneurs in mastering of modern business culture and ethics, helps organizations and entrepreneurs in prevention and constraint of unfair competition. Pursues a policy of social responsibility of entrepreneurs and their unions; supports social initiatives of organizations.\

        15.7. Assists in development of exportation of services and goods made in the territory of Saratov region; renders practical assistance to organizations and entrepreneurs in establishment of business relations with foreign partners, in conduct of operations in international market and in mastering of new forms of trading, economic, scientific and technical collaboration.

        15.8. Establishes and develops relations with foreign business and civic circles as well as with organizations uniting or representing them; participates in work of different international organizations, is a member and participates in operation of mixed chambers of commerce and joint business councils in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.

        15.9. Keeps non-governmental Register of companies and entrepreneurs of Saratov region, financial and economic situation of which proves their reliability as partners for making business in Russia and abroad.

       15.10. Organizes arbitration institutions (arbitration courts), bodies for settlement of disputes with participation of a mediator (mediation procedure) and other specialized authorities at the Chamber, which help in resolution and settlement of disputes between entrepreneurs and ensures their operation.

        15.11. Renders to Russian and foreign companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, their unions and associations informational and advisory services in organization and doing business, market studies, conduct of foreign economic, monetary and financial operations, as well as in other issues related to the Chamber competence; assists development of infrastructure for informational servicing of entrepreneurship in Saratov region and abroad.

        15.12. Assists Russian and foreign organizations and entrepreneurs in patenting of inventions, useful models, production prototypes, in registering of trademarks, service marks and names of places of origin of products; assists also in commercial exercising of their rights for intellectual property assets. Participates in elaboration and implementation of measures for suppression of production and turnover of counterfeit products, for protection of intellectual property.

        15.13. Organizes Russian and international exhibitions.

        15.14. Renders publishing and advertising services.

        15.15. Publishes newspapers, magazines, other hard-copy publications and electronic publications; creates and (or) participates in creation of programs on TV and radio in order to ensure business activities.

        15.16. Assists in development of a system for education and training of personnel for business activities in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area; participates in development and implementation of regional and inter-regional programs in this sphere. 

        Organizes research, scientific and technical work, implements programs on vocational training, conducts training courses, including lectures on labour protection.

        15.17. Certifies certificates of origin of products in accordance with international practices and procedure established by the CCI of Russia; draws up documents related to exportation and importation of goods and services as well as other documents related to carrying out of foreign economic activities.

        15.18. Helps in preparation of documents for attesting of force-majeure circumstances by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation in accordance with conditions of foreign trade transactions and international contracts of Russian Federation as well as trade customs and customs of the port traditional in Russian Federation.

        15.19. Under instructions of Russian and foreign organizations and entrepreneurs performs certify-cation, expert appraisal, quality control, as well as control of quantity and completeness of goods. It also performs expert appraisal of works and services in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the law; provides energy inspection service to control energy effectiveness; certifies management systems, products, services and works on labour safety in accordance with the law procedure.

        15.20. Assists in obtaining the permit to open branches and representative offices of foreign trade chambers, mixed chambers of commerce, associations and other institutions on the territory of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area if the above-mentioned are of interest of the Members of the CCI YANAO. If necessary, the Chamber provides associated services.

        15.21. Assists in performing expert appraisal of different kinds of property; conducting financial, fire and energy audits, marketing research; developing business plans, providing renting services, labour protection service.

       15.22. Issues carnets ATA - is an international customs and temporary export-import document, in accordance with the procedure, established by the CCI of Russia.

       15.23. Implements research activities, including research work in the sphere of  science, social problems, economy, development of entrepreneurship; researching regional and municipal labour markets, price monitoring service, etc.

       15.24. Participates  and assists in development of business most important for the territory, contributing the aims of the Government – innovations, agriculture, tourism, recreations; the Chamber assists in leading scientific expeditions and others, in development of culture, sport, national customs and traditions; takes part in in protection of consumers.

       15.25. Performs other functions corresponding to objectives and goals of the Chamber and do not contradict to the valid legislation.