Article 16. In order to carry out the functions provided for in this Charter, the Chamber has the right in accordance with the applicable law:

1. To assist in drafting legislative proposals, the Governor enactments, administrative decrees, statutory acts and other documents, affecting the interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

2. To carry out an independent examination of draft laws in the field of economy, foreign relations, and other matters, affecting the interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

3. To represent and protect the legitimate interests of its members in government agencies.

4. To be part of and participate in intergovernmental, governmental and inter-departmental committees on issues of international economic cooperation, as well as national committees and other bodies and organizations operating and created for the development of such cooperation. 

5. To make any kind of deal with physical and legal persons and other legal acts.

6. To acquire and dispose of all kinds of real and personal property to fulfill the statutory objectives.

7. To create, reorganize and liquidate enterprises and institutions in accordance with the law.

8. To determine the procedure for the formation and size of special funds, formed in the Chamber, as well as basic directions for their use; to set prices  and tariffs for services provided by the Chamber.

9. To determine ways of their activity, set within approved estimates of expenditure structure, staffing, the number of employees, the shape and size of remuneration and material inventives.

10. To open branches and representative offices, including overseas.

11. To be part of unions, associations and other institutions, contributing the functions, arising from the issues of the Charter.

12. To organize and participate in competitive tendering in accordance with the law procedure of the Russian Federation.

13. To carry out other duties and functions consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.